Chris Kuron

B.Sc., P.Geo.– Project Manager


Chris Kuron has over 8 years of experience in the Environmental Industry; his expertise lies in large-scale industrial soil and groundwater remediation. He has been involved with a variety of projects including lagoon decommissioning; demolition; ex-situ soil mixing; soil washing and screening operations; steel sheet pile wall installations; landfill waste relocation; bentonite slurry wall installation; landfill leachate treatment systems, and many ‘dig and dump’ operations. Chris has been involved in several projects which included the removal large quantities of material for offsite disposal and which required upgraded levels of personal protective equipment. Chris considers Health and Safety to be a critical success factor for the successful completion of a project. His experience in consulting has provided experience with environmental site assessment, drilling / monitoring well installations, landfills, regulatory compliance, technical writing, and waste management.