Facility Decommissioning


When a facility reaches the end of its life, it must be decommissioned. This process includes the removal of equipment, buildings, and other structures as well as site cleanup and remediation. Facilities requiring decommissioning range from gas stations to garages to manufacturing plants.


GFEI has experience decommissioning a wide range of facilities, enabling us to design cost-effective solutions for handling these complicated sites. GFEI also takes into consideration the owners time and budgetary needs and constraints.


We have highly-trained crews, experienced managers, and company-owned equipment with which we can perform a variety of decommissioning-related services including but not limited to: Tank removal, removal of hoists (aboveground or in ground), interior demolition, concrete cutting, hazmat abatement, site remediation, and drum packing/disposal.


With GFEI on the job, you can be assured your decommissioning project will be handled professionally, safely, and with minimal environmental impact.



Competitive Advantages
  • On-staff well technicians and drillers

  • Specialization in water treatment and injection

  • Remediation specialists for handling non-hazardous and hazardous materials

  • GFEI is part of a group of companies that can fulfill all decommissioning needs including management, crew, equipment, trucking, disposal, and recycling





In order to pave the way for redevelopment or to access contaminated soils/groundwater, buildings on site often need to be demolished. This can require the removal of houses, industrial buildings, and many other structures.


With our highly-trained staff and company-owned equipment, we can perform interior demolition as well as complete structural demolition and decommissioning.


Among the services we provide are on-site wood chipping, on-site metal recycling, on-site tree removal/clearing, and decommissioning of wells and septic systems.


Deconstruction requirements change from building to building, therefore GFEI approaches each demolition project with a specific plan in place to ensure the safety of the surrounding people, buildings, and property and to complete each project, not only safely, but on time and on budget and with minimal disruption to the surrounding areas on site.



Competitive Advantages
  • Highly trained and experienced management team, demolition crews, abatement crews, equipment operators, trucking, disposal, and recycling

  • Established relationships with disposal and recycling facilities

  • Established reputation within the insurance industry

  • One stop shop for demolition service

  • Safety-oriented demolition plans

  • No job too big or small from single-storey residential to municipal water towers